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Positive Parenting and Child Helpline

“I don’t know how to handle my child. He is in senior KG. I get a lot of complaints from the teacher about his non-performance in the class and disinterestedness in completion of homework. It is always a tussle, to meet our needs but still understanding the importance of education, I somehow manage my resources to send him to a good tuition. Inspite, of all the efforts the results are extremely disappointing and I feel I am failing as a parent.”

“My child beats his classmates. “

“How can I seek admission for my child in the middle of the academic year in another school, because my child doesn’t want to go to his present school?”

These are few of the examples of parental woes that Parisar Asha always comes across when they interact with parents and school authorities. Hence, Parisar Asha has decided to be the pillar of support for these troubled parents by providing them with a helping friend who is always at a call away to resolve their problems and provide them with solutions. This unique initiative is known as ‘POSITIVE PARENT HELPLINE’.

Today’s dot com parents are already in a rat race of achieving professional targets. They are continuously struggling to cope with work pressures, fulfil materialistic pleasure, deal with inflation, family riots, crèche issues, single parent issues, negative environment, etc. All these factors are contributing in the parenting practice and this is leading to more concerning factors; as to whether they are treading the right path of parenting.

Abnormal behaviour has become a common phenomenon among children who are reared in normal family conditions and this is putting on the panic button among most parents. Continuous interaction with children and parents have led Parisar Asha to derive that often parents’ behaviour towards their children determine the children’s behaviour. Additionally, environment plays an important part in moulding an individual’s behaviour and one’s personality gets carved based on his/ her interaction with his/ her physical, social and emotional environment.

Working in these lines, Parisar Asha has realised that apart from the school environment, the environment in which they are being nurtured day after day contribute immensely in carving their behavioural traits. Moreover, today’s parents with the increasing social, economical and professional pressures fail to protect their children from the adverse effects of these pressures. Though they put in their best foot to raise their children in an amicable and balanced environment, somewhere their pressures do get spilled over in the lives of their children. As a result of which children display abnormal and harsh behavioural traits. Somewhere in the whole family ecosystem, the inculcation of ideal values and attitudes is going amiss. If, literacy is the only answer to this, then criminal acts would have decreased with the rise in the literacy rates.

Environment- teachers- school-parents- are the four crucial pillars of a child’s holistic learning system. To complete this chain Parisar Asha has launched a free Helpline number for parents, students and youths with the support of Capgemini.

Positive Parenting and Child Helpline Helpline is a free and confidential online and telephonic service which can be availed by anyone who needs mental health support and friendly ear to listen to their problems and provide doable solutions. This service is available between Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. All queries will be resolved by our expert counsellors. Calls can be made at 1800532244 or emails can be sent at info@parisarasha.org / pahelpline@gmail.com

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Our mission to provide a joyful, holistic and child centric quality education through the environment,for the environment, that will empower children to be creative, sensitive & successful positive global citizens.

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