About Parisar Asha

‘Education must present our children with a gift that offers the wonders of exploratory learning ,the confidence that comes from building one’s discovered strengths, the hope that comes from seeing the problems, when faced , rather than feared, become challenges for creative solutions; most of all, a way of life’- Late Gloria De’ Souza , Founder, Parisar Asha.

This belief led to the birth of Parisar Asha in 1982, a non-profit, registered Public Trust (Reg. No. F 14364, B.P.Trust Act), committed to serve the society through a unique learning approach ‘ESAL’- ‘The Environmental Studies Approach to Learning’. Since 37 years Parisar Asha epitomizes trust and quality education. Over the years, Parisar Asha has committed itself to serve the underprivileged children by providing a joyful, holistic, child-centric and quality education through the environment for the environment that will empower children to be positive, creative, sensitive and successful global citizens.

Over the years we have catered to more than 3000 schools through our complete School Transformation Programme – Eco-tech World School Programme and reached out to thousands of teachers and millions of students. Parisar Asha has also been playing a significant role in the capacity building of the teachers. Throughout the year various teachers’ training programs are rolled out in different subjects to build the knowledge and the skills of the teachers.




Our Mission & Vision

Our mission to provide a joyful, holistic and child centric quality education through the environment,for the environment, that will empower children to be creative, sensitive & successful positive global citizens.

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